I am an art historian who researches, writes, lectures and teaches on Medieval Spain

“Walker’s study [Views of Transition] is a real work of scholarship. It is, in fact, one of the most intellectually penetrating studies that this reviewer has had the privilege of reading…” – Patrick Foley

My past studies have focused on processes of artistic and liturgical change, on memoria and funerary settings, on questions around female patronage. More recent publications have examined the idea of exile and return in manuscripts and in metalwork, as well as medieval war memorials.

The main output from my long-running project is now published by Amsterdam University Press, see below.

News & updates

Latest publications


Art of Spain and Portugal from the Romans to the Early Middle Ages: Routes and Myths, Amsterdam University Press/Chicago, 2016


“Sculptors in Medieval Spain after the Conquest of Toledo in 1085”, in Romanesque and the Mediterranean, Points of Contact across the Latin, Greek and Islamic Worlds c. 1000 to c. 1250, ed. by Rosa Maris Bacile and John McNeill, British Archaeological Association, 2015, 259-75.

“The influence of papal legates on the transformation of Spanish art in the second half of the eleventh century”,  in Art et réforme grégorienne XIe-XIIe en France et dans la peninsula ibérique, ed. by Barbara Franzé, Picard, 2015, 77-90.

Forthcoming publications

“Eating the sweet and bitter book. The ingestion of text during liturgical change in late eleventh-century Castile”, in Medieval Manuscripts in Motion, Lisbon, forthcoming

“La producción de Beatos durante el reinado de Alfonso VIII de Castile y Leonor de Inglaterra: una respuesta a la caída de Jerusalén?, Anales de Historia del Arte, Madrid, forthcoming

‘The re-invention of slab relief sculpture at San Isidoro de León c. 1100’, in Romanesque Art: Patrons and Processes, British Archaeological Association, forthcoming

“Mozarabic Art.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Medieval Studies, ed. Paul E. Szarmach, New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming

Forthcoming conference papers

“Turning the Stone: Conversion and Romanesque sculpture in Spain”, International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 4-7 July, 2016.